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I am the oxidized tones of old abandoned farm machinery.
I am the ruby lips of a glamorous woman.
I am the heavy color of a blanket warming a child by the fire on a frigid winter day.
I am the vinaceousness of ripened grapes as they burst in your mouth.
I am the ruddiness of a freshly polished tree apple.
I am the deep blush of strawberries in season.
I am the richness of burgundy and the playfulness of claret.
I am romantic or subdued, comfortable yet, I can be brash and noisy.
I am the startling reality of a check mark on a test and the scarlet signature on
a holiday greeting card.
I am the cardinal color of a bird singing outside your window.
I am the deep, velvety crimson of a rose in full bloom or the fire jumping from
a bed of fresh poppies bobbing in the summer breeze.
I am the dusty rose and burnt ochre in a lovers’ sunset.
I can be ooed and aaahed but not ignored.
I am anything but tame.
I am not to be taken lightly for I am the striking patriotic color of the stripes
on Old Glory,
The sanguine color of the blood shed thousands of years ago for all….
The redemptive color of John 3:16
I am …RED!