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Cara had worked feverishly to ready the masters of the posters for copying.  Too much of her life was out of control but, she was on the road to wrestling the reins back into her possession.  Organizing this meeting had turned out to be just the thing to take charge again.  She was on a mission and first thing in the morning she would set out to accomplish the details.

As she sat at her kitchen counter at 6am reviewing her “to do” list, she was confident she would be successful today.  First on her list was the copy store.  She would be one of the first there in order to arrive before the busyness of the store set in.  She was not fond of waiting in long lines.

As Cara turned to leave the phone rang.  She almost thought of ignoring the noisy intruder but, somehow she knew she needed to answer it.  “Only two minutes and then she’d be off” she thought to herself.  As she touched the phone to her ear the irritation was suddenly replaced with a peace deep inside.  She relaxed and enjoyed her phone conversation which turned out to be 45 minutes long.  After which she went on her way successfully completing her “to do” list by late afternoon.  “Mission accomplished!” she said to herself with a smile.
Later that evening…..Cara could hardly grasp what she was seeing and hearing as she gazed at the television screen.  “Two people died today in the parking lot of a copy store” the 6 o’clock news anchor announced.  She fell back onto the sofa aghast.  Could it be?  Her copy store?  It was!  Cara thought of the phone call she had assumed was a nuisance, a delay to her plan and how she had settled into that warm, contented peace.

Now she knew that…They could call it a near miss but, she called it God’s Divine intervention.