Anticipation – Part 3


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As Marco paced in the hospital room waiting for Cara’s arrival his mind replayed the glorious moment when the doctor came into the waiting room.  It was as if everyone and everything dropped away and then he saw the doctor smile and reach his hand toward him to congratulate him.  It was a boy.  A healthy boy.  This is what he and Cara had believed God for and now he had a son.

When Cara was escorted to her room she was still groggy but when she saw Marco she fought sleep to say , “We have a son!”  After a kiss and hug from her husband she once again let sleep take over.  While she slept she was aware of people talking and a lot of commotion.  She wasn’t sure if it was really happening or if she was dreaming.  But then all was quiet again.

A couple of hours later Cara began to emerge from her sleep.  The room was quiet and next to her bed sat her husband with his back to her.  She could see just enough to know that he was holding their son and feeding him as he talked to him.  She couldn’t make out what he was saying but it was a special Dad and Son moment to be sure.  The first of many.

She smiled and cleared her throat as Marco turned in her direction.  There he was.  The little bundle of joy was her son, Anthony.  Marco stood and leaned toward her to lay the sleeping infant in her arms.  When she took Anthony from Marco it seemed like she had been born to be his mother.

She felt his warmth and, of course, she counted his fingers and toes and then she rewrapped him and just sank into the comfort of having him close.

It seemed Cara was in the hospital forever but finally the day to go home arrived.  She dressed Anthony in the clothes his Dad had purchased as his going home outfit. Blue, of course.  They were both so excited they could hardly get the baby’s clothes on him.

It was a sunny and warm October day so she was glad they had opted for lighter clothes.  On the car ride home she noticed that there were scattered puffs of clouds in the sky.  The clear blue sky.  Perfect for bringing a little blessing home for the first time.

She looked down at Anthony and he opened his eyes and stared at her as if to say, “Take me home, Mom.”  She was too happy to cry but her smile was the biggest ever.  She and Marco had a lifetime to share with their son.  Welcome Anthony.  And thank you, Lord.

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Changes for 2014

Happy 2014!

I have been away for a while but I am back.  It’s a new year and there are some changes coming to Lizzie Speaks.  Some new designing for the page and more writing. I have learned some new techniques and have new ideas for designing and writing that will be showing up.  And, of course, I will be continuing “Anticipation” and the “Aunt Chronicles” as well as “Say Uncle”.

So stay with me as I continue to share more “writings from Lizzie’s pen.”

See you soon

Anticipation – Part 2


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As much as Cara was looking forward to this day, 4am came pretty quick.  But when the alarm clock signaled it was time to rise and shine, she was up and moving almost before she could turn the jangling clock off.  Today was the day!

On the way to the hospital both she and Marco were very quiet.  They had been told what to expect when they arrived at the hospital so there were no surprises.  They were both filled with peace.  They had prayed and read their Bible before leaving and had cast the care onto the Lord.  Now it was a matter of walking out this special day.

Upon arrival they were ushered into their assigned room on the OB/GYN floor of the hospital.  Vitals were taken, and an IV was started but not before Cara had to “put on the uniform”…a hospital gown.  Ugh!!  She groaned as she wiggled into the skimpy and all too revealing gown.  “You won’t see this number on the runway of any fashion show”, she thought.

As they waited for the doctor Cara’s meds were administered.  Cara was glad that their parents arrived just at that moment because she knew that the shot she was just given would make her drowsy. She was thankful for the support of their parents who would be in the waiting room with Marco during surgery.  The doctor came in and was gone almost as fast as he came, sharing encouragement while patting her hand. Everyone seemed to be in good spirits and looking forward to the new life about to come into this world.

Cara drifted off to sleep and awoke to bright lights quickly passing above her.  She closed her eyes again and when she opened them only a huge brightness above her was visible along with voices and lots of people scurrying about.  She knew she was in the operating room.  In spite of the drowsiness, her excitement grew.  Once again sleep wrapped her in it’s arms but this time much deeper than before.

Suddenly she was aware of someone calling out.  Was she still asleep and dreaming?  Then she distinctly heard a baby crying and again someone calling out.  Willing herself awake she realized that she did, indeed, hear a baby wailing as she heard her doctor call her name.  She responded that she could hear him and with a joyful shout he declared, “It’s a boy, Cara!  A healthy boy!”  No amount of medicine could have suppressed the joy and the tears that followed.  She couldn’t wait to see him and hold him and do all the things that mommies do for their little boys.

In the waiting room, Marco was thinking it was taking forever when the doctor stepped into the room with the widest smile he had ever seen.  “Congratulations, Marco.  It’s a healthy baby boy!”

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